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Wherever you find TISCO equipment around the world - you'll find it working.

TISCO Folding Rails

Our team is always working, providing quality service you can rely on.

Rollstand Rebuild

TISCO Rebuilds

Specializing in corrugated machinery for over 25 years

TISCO Counter Ejector

Thacker Industrial Service Company, a manufacturer of corrugated machinery, offers quality-made products, support services, and over 25 years of experience.Specializing in corrugated machinery, TISCO has established a reputation of dependability - not only in the product, but in continued service support. Our team is constantly working, providing quality service you can rely on. Our full time professional personel know that success depends on timely completion, competitive prices and error-free installations. With over 25 years of experience, TISCO installs equipment, moves, and sets up entire plants, rewires, and rebuilds - all over the world. TISCO maintains a full fleet of trucks, and equipment to perform to your requirements, anywhere, anytime. We offer "turn-key" corrugated machinery moving and installation. One piece or an entire plant, mechanical and electrical, all from one company. We can design and install complete electrical control systems for all your plant equipment.   We can also design and build specialty equipment to solve your specific production needs.

Thacker Industrial has acquired the rights to Harper Machinery. We are currently in the process of transfering all the prints, marketing materials, etc., from the previous owner. We will be up and running shortly. Whether you currently have Harper Machinery in your plant, or are interested in adding a piece of Harper Machinery, give us a call today, and we will be happy to help you. 800-242-2270

Learn more about Harper Machinery.

TISCO Counter Ejector

TISCO Rollstand

Make sure to check out our Products page to learn more about TISCO Equipment, like the TISCO Counter Ejector, TISCO Vacuum Folding Rails, and the TISCO Heavy Duty Stacker. If you would like to see a particular piece of TISCO Equipment in action, just contact one of our sales representatives today to get all the details. 800-242-2270

We also sell used equipment.

We have a large inventory of used equipment in-stock at our warehouse, some that's ready for a full TISCO rebuild, and some that's ready to install in your plant today.

Contact Dave Thacker for more info.

TISCO Vacuum Folding Rails